The Remote Skills Academy is an impact-focused project by Livit. 

We aim to provide an opportunity for Indonesians to thrive in the new realities of work. We will guide you through remote work tools, teach you new skills, and ultimately empower you to build a successful career.

The next Remote Work Like A Pro course is taking place from January 18th to February 5th and it is the perfect opportunity to learn how to get a remote job and work successfully as part of a remote team or company.

This event has already passed. 
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Dates & Curriculum

The Remote Work Like A Pro is a 3-week course. 

The goal: achieve familiarity with the remote work setup and become a proficient user of some of the most popular tools and systems involved in working online, irrespective of the industry. Gain confidence and a network that will support you in going to the next level

The curriculum includes topics such as:

  • Writing business emails, organizing files and google drive
  • Scheduling meetings and calendar
  • Basic bookkeeping
  • Meeting notes and basic reports
  • Legal and contracts
  • How virtual teams work?
  • Social Media Management Lab
  • Sales funnel & professional online sales
  • Performance & metrics
  • Planning a project in Asana
  • Website basics
  • Effective Remote Team Work & Remote Work Platforms
  • Personal branding: CV, Linkedln, personal pitch
  • The art of negotiation
  • Time management & how to prioritize
  • How to ace a job interview

The sessions are taught live, online, and there is ample time for questions.


Practical details

You are:  

An Indonesian citizen with basic – provicient level of English, Laptop/PC (or unlimited access to one), good to very good internet connection, intermediate PC skills.

Training sessions & workshops: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 4:00 PM to 6:45 PM (Central Indonesian Time).

The sessions are taught live, online, and there is ample time for questions.
Between sessions, you will be assigned homework, to practice what you learned.

The contribution for the course is:
600,000 IDR, inclusive of 10% VAT.

*If you are Indonesian, highly motivated to participate, but unemployed or otherwise unable to cover the fee, please let us know, and you will be considered for a scholarship.

Mentors & Trainers

This course is developed by a team of experts with an extensive track record in their fields.

We believe in the power of sharing knowledge and experience generously, and our mentors and trainers will elevate your learning experience from great to amazing, pushing you to achieve excellence.

Alexandrina Danifeld
Recruitment and talent management expert has helped a number of notable companies scale their operations by employing the curated talent they needed.
Agnieszka Krzysztofowicz​
Recruitment and B2B Sales expert with extensive experience in APAC & beyond.​
Chalsie Janny
Customer care specialist and project management assistant who has worked with clients and partners from a variety of countries.​
Ida Ayu Dewi Dhyana Sari
Finance & accounting specialist who has worked with a range of international clients.​
Johanes Raymond
Social media and branding professional with extensive experience in creating content and managing the online presence of companies and brands.​
Lavinia Iosub
Managing Partner at Livit and business executive, experienced in building high-performance, cross-cultural teams.

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We receive many applications from highly motivated students who can’t cover the Academy fees. Because our HQ is in Bali, we were initially inspired to create these courses to retribute our Indonesian community. Help us empower others to build successful careers by giving them the opportunity to learn a new skill.
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If you prefer to contact us directly instead of filling in this form, you can do so at academy@liv.it

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