Remote Skills Academy

The Remote Skills Academy is an impact-focused education program for Indonesians who want to learn to work online, build successful careers and live life on their own terms.
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Latest online courses

Virtual Assistance

Expert trainers will guide you through the skills and tools needed to build a successful career as a Virtual Assistant
Anna Satriana, freelance remote worker
Anna Satriana
"I took the big step from working from a corporate job to freelancing with the help of this training. Livit not only provides the skills that I need, how to do it, but the end of the training Livit gives info and recommendation to people whenever they see a job around. I know it's gonna be scary first changing life from working 9 to 5 offices to working remotely but after joining this training it's worth it. I can finally achieve this and have a work-life balance now."

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Kanban with Ekipa Indonesia

A team of expert trainers from Ekipa Indonesia will teach you what Kanban methodology is, how it works and help you prepare to become a scrum master.

Project Management

A team of trainers will teach you how to manage a project from A to Z with handy project management tools.
Adinda Ayu Rosyadha, social media marketing freelancer
Adinda Ayu Rosyadha
"Joining the Livit course make me know the freelance platform, and after completing it I decided to sign up. And finally, I got 5 clients in different countries both individually and corporate. I learn tools and Livit teach me something new which is an agile and project management course. I encourage everyone to join this training to get more knowledge, more networks, and opportunities."

How It Works

Requirements to participate: intermediate English level, laptop/PC (or unlimited access to it), basic PC skills.

Browse through our upcoming courses and choose the ones you’re interested in whether it's live or recorded

Go to class! Take notes, be active and practice your new skills

Get your digital certificate after you complete all your modules

Mentoring and group co-working are available

Mini Classes

Juniar Purba : Social media management & Community Development
Juniar purba
"I decided to join 3 courses provided by Livit (The Basics of Working Remotely, Online Business Management and Project Management) and the training is really helpful. After I completing the courses Livit gives info about the opening job and the internships from Livit partnership. I decide to apply and I got the job. I learn a lot from the course especially about social media, marketing research, project management, and importantly that Livit teaches me about the tools and skills how I can work remotely and now I can implement in my daily work."


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40% oFF for Virtual Assistance Course until May 28, 2021