Remote Working Mom: Membantu Bisnis di Belahan Dunia Lain dari Rumah

Nama saya Salma Budiman, setelah selesai menempuh studi Teknik Lingkungan saya bekerja di sebuah perusahaan manajemen energi di Jakarta. Keseharian saya dulu bekerja seputar pembuatan …

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From Waiter to Remote Worker: How Reskilling has Changed My Life

“I used to work as a waiter for 4 years, working 8 hours a day, taking orders and serving food for customers in a famous …

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Terbang Lebih Tinggi dengan Teknologi

Cerita Yosephine bermula saat dengan hanya berbekal ijazah SMA, dia diterima sebagai pramugari di salah satu maskapai terbaik di dunia. Dia sudah membayangkan betapa cerahnya …

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Changing Your Career Or Industry During The Pandemic

The seemingly unending pandemic has made a great impact on our lives. From the way we meet up with friends to (yep, you’ve already guessed …

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The Remote Skills Academy at 8 Months: Numbers, Stories, & Reflections

“Why 8 months?”, you might ask. It’s an unusual timeline to refer to, indeed. But this is 2020, and everything is unusual 😊 Back in …

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Remote Skills Academy
The Basics Of Working Remotely Highlights

Working remotely is not taught in the syllabus of the Indonesian education system. There are many skills and tools needed so that we can work …

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Remote Skills Academy: Virtual Assistance Course Highlights

  While the first installment of our Remote Skills Academy may be over, the learnings, excitement and momentum gained from this experience are only beginning …

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