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Learn new skills at the convenience of your free time with our recorded online courses. Get a digital certificate, live access to mentors, and a job-matching program to accelerate your career (coming soon).

Our Recorded Course
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    Virtual Assistant Course

    Virtual Assistance Recorded Online Course

    Expert trainers will guide you through the skills and tools needed to build a successful career as a Virtual Assistant

    Super VA Bootcamp

    Get started working online and to succeed make money from home by becoming a super VA

    Online Business Manager Course

    Learn the strategies and tactics you need to succeed as an Online Business Manager!

    Digital Marketing Course

    SEO Master Recorded Online Course

    Learn everything you need to be an SEO master instantly and get your Google rankings on fire and start pulling in that organic traffic to your website!

    Ads Masterclass

    Learn to create and manage ads across Facebook, Instagram, and Google, and evaluate and optimize the results of your campaigns!

    Digital Marketing 101 Recorded Online Course

    Learn about tools, processes, platforms, and approaches you can take to become an expert in Digital Marketing and grow your small business.

    Free Courses

    Community Manager for NFT Masterclass

    Learn the fundamentals of NFT and community management in the Web3 space before you become an expert!

    Content Writing

    Learn how to write content specifically for internet channels such as blogs and social media sites!

    More Courses

    AI-Powered Marketing Assistant Course

    Revolutionize your marketing game with the AI-Powered Marketing Assistant Course.

    Upwork Masterclass

    Learn the basic knowledge of freelancer platform, Upwork. and find your first client from home

    Personal Finance

    Learn the essentials of financial planning to make informed decisions regarding personal finances and long-term financial security

    Self-led Online Learning

    The courses are pre-recorded and available online. Learn in your free time, anywhere!

    Take notes and practice new tools at your own pace

    Get your digital certificate after completing exams​

    Live mentoring and group co-working are available once a month

    Alvita Melina S. Kaunang, Alumna & Design Volunteer
    Impact Report 2023 - RSA (1)
    As a housewife striving for work-life balance, I enrolled in the Super VA Bootcamp at Remote Skills Academy. The course surpassed my expectations, prompting my desire to give back as an RSA volunteer. In just two months, I've embraced numerous challenges, contributing to projects like RSA merchandise shop and products, also the creation of e-books. Being part of RSA has not only expanded my skills but also offered insights through community events. Grateful and proud to support an organization with a vision to uplift lives, I extend my heartfelt thanks to Remote Skills Academy for this transformative journey.

    Meet Your Teachers


    Agnieszka Krzysztofowicz

    Recruitment and B2B Sales expert with extensive experience in APAC & beyond.


    Chalsie Janny

    Customer care specialist and project management assistant who has worked with clients and partners from a variety of countries.

    Gabe Marusca

    Gabriel Marusca

    Gabe is the founder of Digital Finest, an agency focusing on bespoke web solutions. He’s known amongst his clients for his professionalism and dedication for showcasing the absolute best in a client’s brand.


    Ida Ayu Dewi Dhyana Sari

    Finance & accounting specialist who has worked with a range of international clients.


    Johanes Raymond

    Social media and branding professional with extensive experience in creating content and managing the online presence of companies and brands.


    Lavinia Iosub

    Managing Partner at Livit and business executive, experienced in building high-performance, cross-cultural teams.


    Lia Sadia

    Chief Marketing Officer at RSA, Writer, & Thought Leadership Strategist


    Della Miranti

    Social Media Manager of Remote Skills Academy

    VA Bootcamp (1)

    Sari Hadiwidjoyo

    Virtual Assistant to CEO

    VA Bootcamp (7)

    Ingrid Janice​

    Project Manager of Remote Skills Academy

    Virtual Assistant

    Anglia angelina

    Customer Success of Remote Skills Academy


    Sultan Aulia​

    AI Content Writer


    Sylvi Agnes Maria, Alumna & Volunteer
    Screenshot 2024-01-29 120525
    Volunteering at Remote Skills Academy was truly transformative. As an introvert, I initially questioned my ability to contribute meaningfully, but the nurturing environment provided the confidence to exceed my own expectations. This experience not only enhanced my professional skills, from virtual communication to remote tools, but also fueled personal growth. Being part of a community dedicated to empowering others through education has been immensely rewarding, proving that even an introvert can make a significant impact with the right opportunity. Grateful for this life-changing experience, I eagerly anticipate continuing my journey with Remote Skills Academy, contributing even more in the future.
    Hai Remote Skills Academy, bisa bantu saya tentang.....