Our Projects

Our practical digital courses serving in-demand markets, mentorship, coaching and internship initiatives, and guidance in job-seeking, are aligned around 2 main themes: 

  • #Future Skills for Indonesian youth
  • #RemoteWomen; supporting Indonesian women to (re)join the (online) workforce 

Our Projects

We regularly create programs, together with partners or at our own initiative, to support the above mentioned causes, offer scholarships and increase the digital skills of Indonesian youth & women.


Girls in Tech X CSG

We partnered with Girls In Tech Indonesia and CSG, providing new graduates and final-year ICT/STEM students a specialized curriculum in Full Stack Development and QA Automation. It aims to facilitate women's entry into the ICT sector. The program consists of two phases: a bootcamp and an Internship.
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RSA X Bori Vigh Collaboration

This program is specifically crafted for Hungarians aspiring to begin or advance their careers as virtual assistants. It equips participants with essential knowledge and tools, paving the way for success in the virtual assistant field.
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Collaboration with Single Moms Indonesia

Tailored for single mothers, this program offers a unique opportunity to start or enhance a career as a virtual assistant. It provides comprehensive training and resources, empowering single moms with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in the virtual assistant profession.
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Collaboration with PT Freeport Indonesia

We partnered with PT Freeport, which focuses on nurturing digital skills and content creation among the young people in Timika. This has blended offline training and online mentoring to foster talents in digital marketing, storytelling, and social media.
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Robomot Project

Robomot NFT is the first NFT project with Remote Worker utility. By collecting a Robomot NFT, you get access to our database of fully doxed, high quality, and fully trained workers for web2 and web3 projects.
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B2B Social Media Consultancy

Remote Skills Academy offers B2B Social Media Consultancy to help businesses achieve their social media goals. Our experts provide customized strategies for social media management, content creation, paid advertising, and influencer marketing. We're committed to helping our clients elevate their social media game and take their business to new heights.
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Girls in Tech x Education New Zealand

We partnered with Girls in Tech Indonesia and New Zealand Education and Future Learn to empower more women in tech. We offered scholarships and created a world-class syllabus focused on product development and data analytics using our partner's global experience.

RSSI Events

Remote Skills Summit Indonesia (RSSI) is our annual program that offers hands-on workshops, panel discussions, and well-being sessions to learn about remote work tools, career strategies, and new perspectives. Stay tuned for more information on participating or sponsoring this event in Q1 2023.
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B2B Training: Live Masterclass for Evermos

We partnered with Evermos to empower their female members to improve and expand their online presence. With Evermos's sponsorship, we offered a 2-hour live masterclass to help their reseller members increase brand awareness, improve sales, and gain more followers online. We helped them upskill their digital skills to increase their income through online business activities.

Fundraising Partnership

We joined forces with 'Bali in Your Hands' to create awareness for our #RemoteWomen project and raise funds to host an online masterclass for their community members, mostly women, on financial business planning, online business management, digital marketing, and more to improve their online business activities.

Program Initiative Thailand

We organized 3 bootcamps in partnership with Hub53 and Draper Startup House to give Thai youth the opportunity to upskill and reskill through digital courses focused on virtual assistance and hybrid working. The programs took place in April, August, and November 2021 and included a live program and two hybrid programs.

Partner with us

We are always looking for new partners to create CSR program initiatives, Sponsoring Projects for Tailor-Made Programs & Courses, Events or Masterclasses and more. If you are interested in how you, your community, your members or your employees can also benefit from collaborating with us, please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us via: academy@liv.it.

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