A Single Mother’s Journey to be a Remote Worker

Oie, a single mother from Bekasi, Indonesia, worked in Jakarta for over 13 years. Despite enjoying her job, the long commute became a significant challenge, compelling her to explore remote working opportunities. Her search led her to Remote Skills Academy (RSA), where she embarked on a transformative journey to becoming a digital marketing professional.

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Here’s her inspiring story:

Finding New Horizons with Remote Skills Academy

Realizing the need for a flexible working schedule to balance her personal and professional life, Oie turned to RSA, a non-profit organization offering digital courses on remote work skills. Through RSA’s Digital Marketing Bootcamp, she not only discovered a new career path but also a community that supported her learning journey.

Delving into Digital Marketing

With no prior experience in digital marketing, Oie was a bit unsure if she can follow the modules. However, RSA’s comprehensive curriculum and hands-on learning approach rapidly built her confidence and skills. The bootcamp covered everything from the fundamentals to advanced strategies in digital marketing, equipping her with the knowledge to manage digital campaigns effectively.

The Power of Community and Real-World Experience

RSA provided not just theoretical knowledge but also practical experience through internships. Oie valued the opportunity to work on real projects and interact with clients, which significantly enriched her learning experience. Moreover, the supportive community of learners and mentors at RSA played a crucial role in her success, providing a platform for discussions, questions, and collaborative learning.

Transformative Learning, Transformative Earnings

Post-RSA, Oie rates her digital savviness at a solid 7 out of 10, a significant leap from her initial rating of 3. The bootcamp didn’t just upgrade her skills but also opened up lucrative freelance opportunities, making her a prime example of how digital literacy can enhance earning potential.

Words of Wisdom for Aspiring Remote Workers

Oie’s advice to other single mothers or individuals considering a similar path is straightforward – never stop learning. In a rapidly evolving digital world, continuous learning is the key to staying relevant and successful. She encourages others to explore RSA and similar platforms to acquire new skills and create better work-life balance.

Oie’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of education and the opportunities that remote working provides. Through her dedication to learning and the support of RSA, she has significantly improved her quality of life while securing a promising digital career. Now Oie’s contributing as one of RSA’s Volunteers helping as a Project Assistant for RSA’s courses.

Follow her journey and kickstart your remote work career with Digital Marketing Bootcamp Recorded Course by RSA.


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