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The Remote Skills Academy is an impact-focused education platform for Indonesians who want to learn to work online, build successful remote careers and live life on their own terms. We provide an opportunity for Indonesians to adapt to and thrive in the future of work. We will guide you to master remote work tools, and help you upskill and reskill using digital platforms.

We offer remote skills courses and masterclasses on topics like Virtual Assistance, Web 3.0 Community Management, Project Management, Digital Marketing, Social Media Branding,  and more. You can choose to join a live program or event, or follow a self-led course at your own pace. We also have a dedicated page with all information you need to know to become a Virtual Assistance. And we can also offer you mentorship, coaching, help with internship or job possibilities, and career guidance.

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Why Us


We offer various courses tackling remote work skills at a reasonable price, and we offer scholarships for most of our courses.

Global network

Our team, mentors, partners and students come from diverse backgrounds and a variety of countries across the world.


We have 10+ years of experience supporting entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs in building digital businesses and nurturing a remote teamwork culture.

Job opportunities & community

We continuously build and nurture our community of remote workers who share job and internship opportunities and best case practices.

Experience-based curricula

Our curricula are built based on real case studies, by experts that have been in their respective industry for 5+ years.


Many of our alumni are now success stories who built successful careers, new businesses, serve a variety of global clients, and live life on their own terms.


We facilitate live coworking and mentoring during each of our courses which gives access for our students to expert guidance and advice.


We’re offering a mix of pre-recorded courses, along with live programs and group coworking sessions so you can enjoy a flexible schedule while still benefiting from engagement with peers and mentors

How It Works

Requirements to participate: laptop/PC (or unlimited access to it), basic PC skills and intermediate English level (for courses taught in English).

Browse through our upcoming courses and choose the ones you’re interested in whether it's live or recorded

Go to class! Take notes, be active and practice your new skills

Get your digital certificate after you complete all your modules

Mentoring and group co-working are available


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