Super VA Bootcamp May – July 2023

Make money from home by becoming a super VA!

Are you ready to take your virtual assistance business to the next level?

Back by popular demand, the Remote Skills Academy’s Super VA Bootcamp is here to help you achieve your goals! Whether you’re just starting out or looking to enhance your existing skills, our 8-week course is designed to provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to succeed as a virtual assistant.

Join us from May 22nd to July 14th, 2023, and learn from industry experts who will guide you through the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in virtual assistance.

Don’t miss this opportunity to boost your career and take your business to new heights!

This bootcamp already finish, please find the recorded course below:

Take control of your own destiny by being your own boss.
Do what you enjoy and you'll be happier. Live a life you're proud of.

People who run businesses are always looking for people like you, who have skills that you can learn from us.

Depending on what you’re good at and what you’re interested in, you’re almost certain to find something that potential clients will like. The following are some examples:

rsa mom

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Who is Super VA Bootcamp for?

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Launch your VA business the right way!

What you'll get:

In demand skills

You'll master the most current and sought-after virtual assistance skills so you can confidently serve your clients.

Job opportunities

We continually provide you with career opportunities.
Fun fact: Some of our students got paying clients before they completed the course!

Helpful tools and tactics

You are going to learn tools, methods, and useful ideas that will help you go from "good" to "great" so that you can provide excellent service to both your client and to yourself.

Greater confidence

Once you finish the bootcamp, you'll be a Super Virtual Assistant with a wide range of skills, which will attract an impressive number of clients.

3 self-led courses

You will be given a lifetime access to Digital Marketing, AI-Powered Marketing Assistant, Community Manager for NFT, & Notion Mini Course recordings valued at IDR 999,000!

Highly engaging group mentoring session

You will get the chance to consult with the trainers as well as network with the other participants.

Inspiring and motivating community

When you join Remote Skills Academy, you'll become a member of a global community of remote professionals from a wide range of backgrounds and nations.

Digital certificate

You will be awarded a digital certificate that will help you land a job.

Dates & Curriculum

This bootcamp already finish, please find the recorded course on our self-led course platform

Week 1

Introduction and Mindset of a VA


1. Super VA Mindset
2. How to Start Your Super VA Career
3. What Type of VA is Needed

Week 2

General VA Tech Stacks


1. Remote Collaboration Tools Part 1
2. Remote Collaboration Tools Part 2
3. Miscellaneous Tools a VA Should Know

Week 3

Project Management


1. Project Management 101
2. Basic Customer Relationship Management 101
3. Event Management

Week 4

Digital Marketing


1. Introduction to Digital Marketing
2. Content Marketing
3. Social Media Content Management

Week 5

Content & Innovation (AI)
Part 1


1. AI Tools for VA
2. Web3 & NFT community management
3. Viral Design & Video Creation Part 1

Week 6

Content Creation & Innovation (AI & Web3)
Part 2


1. Viral Design & Video Creation Part 2
2. Advanced ChatGPT for Content Creation
3.Landing Page with Elementor/No-Code Tools

Week 7

Career Planning (Internship Week)


1. Client Matching: Meet the clients and tasks briefing
2. Upwork 101 Part 1
3. Upwork 101 Part 2

Week 8

Personal Development


1. Public Speaking for Pitching Preparation
2. Personal Branding and Offline & Online Networking
3. Super VA Internship Review + Closing Ceremony

Practical Details

You are:

An Indonesian citizen with an intermediate level of English, laptop/PC (or unlimited access to it), phone, basic PC skills and high motivation.

Training sessions & workshops:

    • This bootcamp already finish, please find the recorded course below:


IDR 500,000

rsa man


This course is developed by a team of passionate experts with an extensive track record in their fields.

We believe in the power of sharing knowledge and experience generously, and our mentors and trainers will elevate your learning experience from great to amazing, pushing you to achieve excellence.

Della Miranti
Social Media Management Expert

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset
Johanes Raymond
Brand & Social Media Master at Livit & Digital Presence Specialist
Lia Sadia
Chief Marketing Officer at RSA, Writer, & Thought Leadership Strategist
Nissa Muluk
Professional MC, radio broadcaster, and voice over talent
Sultan Aulia
Salma budiman
Salma Budiman
Business Process Improvement Consultant
Kira Erpenbach
Kira Erpenbach
Office Manager
Adinda Rosyadha
Head of Marketing at Institute of Project Management
Dian Ara 2
Dian Ara
Top Rated Freelancer on Upwork
Alvon Timotius
Founder ALV Marketing
Ruanth Chrisley
Co-founder of Robomot NFT, Founder of Metarupa.com


frequently asked questions

The Super VA Bootcamp Batch-2 (Live Program) offers many benefits that are not available in the recorded version. Here are some of the advantages: 1. Additional modules covering the latest technology trends, including Artificial Intelligence and Web3 2. More practical topics on how secure VA jobs from various platforms, such as Upwork 3. An internship week, where participants can work with high-profile solopreneurs and executives to gain real-world experience as their VAs 4. All 24 sessions are live, allowing for interactive classes and giving participants a chance to ask questions of the trainers in real-time

The Super VA Bootcamp Batch-2 (Live Program) is designed to be beginner-friendly, so you do not need to have prior VA experience to enroll. While some topics covered in the course may be more advanced, our trainers will start with the basics and build up from there. Whether you are new to the field or looking to refresh your skills, this program is a great way to start your VA career journey.

No, the Super VA Bootcamp Batch-2 (Live Program) will not be taught exclusively in Indonesian. While some sessions may be conducted in Indonesian, others will be conducted in English by an expat trainer. As a result, having proficient English skills is a requirement to enroll in the course.

Yes, you will still be able to access the course material even if you cannot attend the live classes. We understand that unexpected things can come up, so we will be providing recordings of each session for participants to watch at their own convenience. The course platform will provide access to all the recordings, along with any other materials that were covered during the live class. However, we encourage participants to attend the live classes whenever possible, as this allows for greater interaction with the trainers and other participants.

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