RSA Alumni

Access to RSA Alumni:
Virtual Assistants, Project Managers, Community Managers, Social Media Managers, etc

At Remote Skills Academy (RSA), we’re trying to prepare the best talents to work for the best leaders. With our Virtual Assistance courses and guidance, we educate a pool of talented, professional women and men and help them to enhance their skills to be a top Virtual Assistant, Social Media Manager, Community Manager, Project Manager. You can gain direct access to our alumni, offer them a freelance project or hire them directly depending on your needs. 

How does it work

You inform us of your job opportunity, the required skills and job descriptions

We select a # of matching profiles and present them to you

You interview the people of your choice and hire if there is a match

We will help you find the talent you need and in return we ask for a sponsorship fee*, so that we can offer more scholarships to more talented people to (further) educate themselves, and eventually have them become part of our pool of talents. 


Sponsorship fee

  • USD300 for Full-time hire 
  • USD150 for Part-time hire

If you are interested in hiring our alumni, please contact us via: academy@liv.it


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