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I was born in Italy to a parent who wants me to be successful at school, get good grades, and focus to be on top of my class. Any other things in life such as having a hobby or having fun, are not considered part of life for them. I listened to that idea for a while, until one day, I saw a photo of my dad when he was a child, and he looked so pale from being inside studying so much,  instead of playing and soaking himself in the beautiful warm Sicily sun. That’s when I knew that I want a different choice in my life. I want a balance, where I can work but also can enjoy life. In short: I don’t want to be pale!

After completing my University, I move to Malta, have my first digital marketing client, and learned the magic of working remotely. The rest for me is history.

Eight plus years later, through the ups and downs of running a business, I still can proudly say to myself that I am at the happy point of my life, where I do what I love, helping people who are passionate about what they do and help them to build a profitable business while making a living for myself.

One thing I’ve learned from my journey as an entrepreneur, that theory never works. The value of experience goes beyond theory. You need to practice things you’ve learned and experiment, to get better results. So I’m happy to see that Remote Skills Academy has been doing that in all of their courses, allowing students to not only learn in class but practicing what they’ve learned through live programs, coworking, internship, etc.

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I am called to participate and help them through my donation of time and money, because I’ve seen more and more intelligent young people are getting affected by the pandemic, and digital skills can help them change their life.

I am inspired by stories of young mothers who can earn a living again, spending only four hours working every day while taking care of their babies, or someone who used to work as a waiter, now can earn 3-4 times their salary. I believe anyone can learn digital skills as long as they’re curious and willing to try, and I am happy that my contribution can help them to get the education they need.

You don’t need to have millions of dollars in the bank to start helping. You can start by volunteering your time and skills to mentor these young people, you can share the information of Remote Skills Academy courses to your network, and even you can start donating $25 to help one person reskill. That one person who gets a new technology skill will earn more money that will impact the livelihood of their whole family of 3-4 people, and eventually will give back to their community once they saved more than their basic needs. It’s amazing how technology can transform our lives, and together we can help to catalyze this change.

Giulia Cian Seren is the Founder of Juicy Pickles, a digital marketing consulting company. You can reach her through her website.

Giulia is one of the personal donors and mentors for Remote Skills Academy. You can also be part of our family. Check out our donation page for more information on how you can help our students to reskill and upskill.


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