The Joy of Sponsoring Indonesian Youth to Reskill

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My name is Thomas, Thomas Hoerl and I grew up in Austria. I have worked in the area of Business Travel & Travel Management for over 30 years. I worked a lot and worked too much.

Like many other people who got impacted by COVID-19, I also face the same thing: I was confused. There was a time I didn’t know what to do next. By any chance, I came across the area of ​​web design and eCommerce development. I made my decision to learn and reskill. Believe me, there’s a lot to learn – and, when you’re over 50, it’s not that easy anymore, no joke.

I’ve learned everything online– also on a platform similar to the Remote Skills Academy. It has helped me so much! Online courses are worth their weight in gold. You can work alone, but you can also get help when you need it. It helped me a lot to gain a foothold in my new job. I have several clients now and sure I am on a good track of my future.

When I was in Bali, last year at the beginning of the pandemic, a friend drew my attention to the Remote Skills Academy, that’s how I know this organization. In times of the pandemic, when injustices and disparities have only just begun to take hold, I see it almost as an obligation to help others.

The best thing about giving is being able to help someone else. To make life easier for them, to be able to give them a little nudge, to learn a new job. There is nothing more important than education. I very much hope that the Remote Skills Academy succeeds in helping people have a better and brighter future.

We are experiencing a time when there is hardly anything more important to help others who urgently need this help. And that doesn’t even take a lot of money. Because just knowing someone is there can often be of great help. We have to learn to reorient ourselves, maybe leave old paths and enter new ones. It’s often not that easy, I had to learn it myself the hard way – but you can. You have to be brave, you have to be diligent, you must never lose hope. Trust yourself, punch yourself and the most important thing is to believe in yourself.

I am happy to be able to help Indonesian youth, to go a similar path as me.


Thomas Hoerl is an avid traveler and web designer. You can reach him through thomas@tomhoerl.net

Thomas is one of the personal sponsors for Remote Skills Academy. You can also be part of our family. Check out our Sponsor page for more information on how you can help our students to reskill and upskill. 


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