From Waiter to Remote Worker: How Reskilling has Changed My Life

“I used to work as a waiter for 4 years, working 8 hours a day, taking orders and serving food for customers in a famous restaurant in Petitenget. The pandemic came, my income became even less, I feel a lot of uncertainty and I can lose my job anytime.

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I got interested in virtual assistance jobs when I heard it the first time in an event at a coworking space in Canggu. It seems too good to be true to earn hundreds of dollars working few hours a day, from home. I tried to learn how to be a virtual assistant, but unfortunately, courses were expensive back then.

Then I came across Remote Skills Academy’s (RSA) The Basics Of Working Remotely course. To my surprise, the price was affordable! Without thinking too long, I immediately enrolled in the course. It was one of my best decisions, as I met new friends and joined a community of passionate people who eventually recommend me to work with the company I am with now.

Not long after I graduated, my dad was sick, and I have to take care of him at home. Working remotely has allowed me to be by his side until the day he passed away.

I am now working as a Project Admin for a Singapore-based company called Schedult. I am grateful that now I can earn 3x my salary as a waiter, while only working 4-5 hours a day. It’s something I never thought I could do. Being born and raised in a family that works in the tourism industry makes my mindset focused on tourism jobs, but we all know that it’s impossible to rely on that industry for now with travel limitations.

To reskill with RSA has changed my life completely. I don’t have to commute long hours from Gianyar to Seminyak, my life has been healthier and more balanced. Now, I have a plan to learn web development to enhance my skills and strive for my future.”

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